Vote Jesse Bell for Bountiful City Council

KENDALYN HARRIS - Bountiful City Council

As a member of the Planning Commission for the last two and a half years, Jesse Bell has been keenly aware of the many issues facing Bountiful's future. Jesse knows what is important to Bountiful families and would be a tremendous asset to our City Council.

LIZ & RUSS MUMFORD - Davis School District Board of Education

We value the skills Jesse brings from the business world and the vision he has for our city's future. He has demonstrated his commitment to Bountiful with years of service on the planning commission and trails committee. Jesse has our support because he understands the dynamics of growth and cares about families.


Jesse is a dynamic, honest young man with a vision to bring Bountiful together. He truly cares about our city and has proven that with his many volunteer hours as Chairman of the Trails Committee and his time on the Planning Commission. Jesse has energy and experience that will greatly benefit all of us.

MATT MURRI - Bountiful Trails Committee

i encourage you to consider voting for Jesse Bell for City Council. He is a man with great integrity, experience, wisdom, and capability. He has my vote.


we believe Jesse's experience in community planning will be invaluable as we continue to see growth and development over the coming years. In his professional life and on the Bountiful Planning Commission, he has proven to support thoughtful development, safer streets, and a livable community. Jesse is sure to help Bountiful outline best practices for a bikeable, walkable city with a high quality of life for all residents.


Jesse understands the growth that is coming to our community. He is honest and filled with integrity. I believe that he will benefit our community and our citizens will be heard.

Family on Bountiful Main Street

Kendalyn Harris Endorsements

 ...you couldn't ask for a better guy to represent and guide the development for our beautiful city. He's a concerned citizen, like many of us, but is willing to voice concerns and ideas that we have regarding balance of housing, retail growth, and keeping the good things we like about our great community. 


Vote for Jesse Bell! He will represent our community well.

CHERA FERNELIUS - Davis County School District

If you haven’t met this guy yet, you need to. He’s honestly one of the best people I know. But that’s not why I’m voting for him. I’m voting for him because he has a strong plan for our future, he genuinely cares about our city, and he will serve us well.


Jesse is one of the most considerate, concerned, talented people I've ever met. When Jesse wins this election, the city of Bountiful will have a council member we can be most proud of.

Additional Endorsements

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