I love living in Bountiful! My wife, Cami, and I and our four children frequently enjoy all that this great city has to offer: trails, hiking, biking, shopping on Main, chalk art, the parade, the farmer's market, good neighbors, great friends, safe neighborhoods, and convenient and accessible amenities. We chose to live in this community 13 years ago, because of the many positive things that Bountiful has to offer to families and I am committed to preserving all these wonderful things about Bountiful City.

However, Bountiful is changing as all healthy communities do. Ensuring that the inevitable changes are purposeful and beneficial to all of us who live here will require a clear vision and collaboration among our citizens, land owners, developers, city staff, and elected officials. My background in planning coupled with my vested love of Bountiful makes me uniquely suited to lead this community of citizens and professionals towards new opportunities amidst inevitable growth. Together we will do the extraordinary.


We need to begin with the end in mind. What do we want Bountiful to be? How are we going to make sure that our children can live here with their children? And how do we make sure that we preserve enough open space, parks, and trails for all of us to enjoy? We learn from other cities that without direct answers to these questions and a plan that reflects these goals, then the things we love most about our community can easily be overtaken by the wave of growth. 

The current Master Plan for Bountiful City is 10 years old and does not address the challenges and opportunities that we face today and will continue to face in the coming decades. Our new plan needs to clearly prioritize our needs and then be deliberate in addressing them. One of  the  priorities needs  to  be  outdoor  recreation:  trails,  pickleball,  and sports  fields. Our community,  like  all those  around  us,  is plagued  by  poor air  quality, anxiety  &  depression,  poor  health,  and  community  disconnect.  Outdoor Recreation combats  all  of  these  things!

My background is in planning and urban design. I have worked on projects for Salt Lake City, Park City, Springville, Bountiful, and other cities across the Wasatch Front and beyond. I have had a hand in designing plazas, parks and public spaces that strengthen neighborhoods and improve property values. 

A city is a lot like a growing child. We would love for that child to stay young forever, but our wishing will not make it so. Just like we wouldn’t want our child to grow up without goals and direction, we need to give our city that same attention. Growth and change are coming to Bountiful.  My experience and your voice can guide this growth in a positive direction.


Our city council meets regularly and votes on important agenda items. When was the last time you heard what was voted on and how they came to that decision? I realize that all of us are living extremely busy lives, full of good things. It’s hard to break away from that and actively campaign for city issues. I want to make it easy for you to have your opinions and ideas noted and implemented into short and long term plans for Bountiful City. I have worked a lot with public input committees and I look forward to using my experience to gather information to make the best possible choices for the City of Bountiful. 


Like many of my friends and neighbors, I feel strongly that Bountiful City needs a clear vision of what we want for our community. As we plan for and make efforts to allow both residential and commercial growth that compliments the great qualities that already exist here, we can preserve a place that your children and mine can always call home. 

The reality is that we all have differing views of what our city needs to be, which is both appropriate and expected. I have found that we have more common ground than vast differences. Bountiful residences are a smart, well educated bunch. I have no doubt that when we put our heads together with kindness and respect for each other, we can come up with solutions that will benefit the majority of our population and truly bless our community. 


For generations people have been staying in Bountiful because of what our city is. I hope that my children grow up and have the option to stay in Bountiful with their future families. But where will they live? How will they afford to reside in such a nice place? What if there isn’t anything left worth buying? Or if the housing costs are too high and they don’t have the option? These are all real issues that we are facing. If we don’t have a plan in place to direct the growth that is happening, our children might be living in our basements forever. Ha ha! But seriously, let’s make these changes together in a way that protects the values of our wonderful city. I want to bring your family’s views to the city council. With communication and outreach programs that I can put in place, your voice can be put to good use.